Tess - puff billTess Holderness


Director of Interface Media

Tess Holderness is a communications consultant and freelance journalist, based in Melbourne. With a background in science, she specialises in writing about science, sustainability and nature, as well as health and wellbeing. Tess enjoys the art of interpreting scientific and technical information, to make it more understandable and engaging for a general audience. She also covers general reporting … and garden writing (which is great therapy)!

Since the mid-1990s, Tess has worked for a broad range of clients, drawn from broadcast and print media, and private organisations. With a special interest in the science relating to climate change, she is currently researching adaptation and mitigation strategies and sustainable practices, including the use of renewable energy technologies.


Tess lives in Melbourne, Victoria, with her husband, sound recordist Roger van Wensveen, and their two boys.


  1. Peter Comisel

    Hi there Tess
    We’ll try and visit the Monash garden soon. I’m interested in discovering more about Murnong. We have 32 acres of native forest at Denver near Daylesford. We are restoring .


    1. Sounds really interesting Peter. Let me know when you are planning to be in Melbourne and out at Monash in Clayton (

      I’d be happy to meet you and show you around the garden and find our more about your project. There is a plant guide that you can print out via the website too, which helps when you are wandering around.

      There is no Murnong currently growing in the Aboriginal garden but the MECCARG – Merri Murnong group in the Merri Creek catchment area in Coburg has had some success propagating and cultivating the plant. May be worth getting in touch with them too. Cheers – Tess


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